Mechanization in agriculture is the utmost for the increasing production and reducing the cost of production. But due to scattered and small land size, mechanization is hindering. Furthermore, farmers are economically poor which make impossible sense in mechanization. But the concept of Custom Hiring Center is changing the scenario and making a possibility in mechanization, a step toward revolution in agriculture.

Custom hiring center is not the new concept and idea. But still, no any successful model has been established in Nepal. Different PMAMP zone, superzone have distributed machineries tractor and tools under the title Custom hiring and Machineries distribution program to farmers and cooperatives. Distributing single machine to individual farmers will not make sense in repair and maintenance and other management. The major problem is the management. Calculation of machinery price per hour or per land size is still a tedious job and not scientific. Moreover, due to distribution targeted problem, huge unfair financial transaction can be observed.

All the required machineries will be managed under Agro village. Cost analysis for hiring will be carried out. Database management of farmers and custom hired machines will be maintained for fair transaction and effective management.

Advantages of Custom Hiring Centers

  • Provide access to small and marginal farmers to costly farm machinery
  • Facilitates farm operations timely and effectively.
  • Promotes adoption of farm machineries and tools at reasonable price.
  • Promotes cropping intensification wherever feasible
  • Reduce Cost of Cultivation.
  • Provides job opportunity for skilled labor.
  • Boycott the unfair financial transaction in machineries selling.